When and How Much to Order

When to Order:

  • Orders cannot be processed before the first of the month that you have written on your Order Form
  • You can post, fax or email your order at any time, however, we can't process orders if we receive after the end of the month. e.g. Order you marked for "April' not received until 3rd June. We can only process this as a June order.
  • We are only open 3 days a week so this can also affect the processing time of your order.
  • If ordering monthly we recommend that when you receive an order (either post or collect) that you lodge your next order at this time.
  • You should allow 2 weeks processing time for your order as supplies have to come from Interstate.
  • Keep a note of when you sent your order to us.
  • It is advisable to place your next order when you receive your current order.
  • You cannot place an order for the previous month.

How Much to Order:

  • Don't run too low. We recommend that you keep one months supply in reserve, however please try not to overstock.
  • Please note that the government limits how much you can order each month. If you require more than the limits you can get your STN or GP to complete a signed PBS Application for Additional Supplies (see link below) (valid for maximum of 6 months).
  • We do not carry stock on hand so it is important that you order regularly and have some back up supply. Please also take note of public holidays which may affect ordering and supplies.


Just phone during office hours Tue, Wed, Thur 8.30 - 3pm (07) 41524715