Ostomate Support Program

In some circumstances we can also provide pre and post surgery support to you with a hospital visit by one of our volunteers. Just talk to the Stomal Therapy Nurse.

This is a one on one program that provides individuals (ostomates, carers, family and friends)  with an opportunity to talk to someone who has a stoma and is living a normal and fulfilling life. We can arrange for one of our Ostomates to meet and have a private chat with you, or we can arrange a phone chat with you in the privacy of your own home.

It is an opportunity to have an open and frank discussion with someone who has first hand knowledge and experience of living with a stoma.  (Remember: Only health professionals can provide advice of a medical nature, and our ostomates are not qualified counsellors, it's about sharing individual experiences.)

To arrange one on one chat with someone just call us on 41524715.

If you are feeling depressed and anxious you may need to seek a referral to specialist services, and your STN can help with this.